What’s unique about Escape Velocity?

We have built a 30×30 section of a luxury starliner.  Players will play out the game inside this playscape, needing to interact with a series of puzzle built into the room itself.  Lights, control panels, and props, all fabricated at the Artisan’s Asylum Makerspace, take center stage, enabling players to feel like they’re actually on a starship!

How much does it cost?

Each game is $20 per person.

How long does it last?

The game lasts one hour, but there is a pre-and-post briefing session.  Plan for about two hours!

Is it handicapped accessible?

Yes!  We have tried our best to accommodate all types of players.  We’ve tested the setup for both wheelchairs and folks on crutches.  While we have not been tested to be ADA compliant, a staffer will be available at all times to assist in any way we can!

Please drop us a line, if you need additional assistance!  Email us at: ‘info@makewright.com’

What is the experience like?

Players will be brought into our playscape, a set of rooms and hallways set up to be the interior of a luxury starliner.  Set design, lighting, sound effects, and props all come together to create a one of a kind experience…oh, and there’s the puzzles to solve of course, which utilize the props and the set itself!  The players should feel like they’re on the set of a sci-fi show!

Is it all-ages?

We strive to accommodate everyone, but we feel that children should be at least 12.  If you wish to bring children, that is fine, just let us know at ‘info@makewright.com’ (or use the contact form at the bottom of the main page) and we’ll meet you in the lobby of the Artisan’s Asylum, instead of the brewery!