The Ship

The Inter Stellar Lines luxury liner Exodus is a Pacific class starliner, launched in 2145.  She has 60 Elite cabins, 190 First Class cabins, and a nulber of other staterooms and passage facilities.  The liner has seventeen decks, and features a wide variety of luxuries, such as seven pools (including one zero-gee), eleven Sportball courts, sixteen dining rooms, as well as snack bars and other gym and game facilities scattered throughout the vessel.

Her safety record is unparalleled, with not a single incident in her 48 years of service.  She features state of the art safety devices, including escape pods on all decks, enough to evacuate all ship’s passengers and crew.

Her crew has some of the finest service records of any star liner company, and her Captain, Ulysses James Cabot III, has been at the helm of this vessel for five years, with a spotless twenty-five year career with ISL.

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