The Story

“How DID we end up on a doomed starliner, anyways?”

Well, that’s a fine question.  It was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime.  A vacation on lovely Argus IV, a planet designed with nothing but white sand beaches, surrounding 187 islands.  Each island equipped with the finest in resort technology.  Resorts range from “primitive”, with only the bare minimum of facilities for people who wish a more basic experience, all the way up to the UltraLux level of the “Excelsior”, a resort tower that reaches into space.

White Sandy Beach

For some of you, you saved your millicredits to afford the trip.  Others, perhaps, won a contest and received free tickets.  Some of you may have gotten on board in shadier ways.

In all cases, you find yourself headed to one of the dining areas on the star vessel, when the lights go out…