The Game

Welcome to MakeWright’s Halloween extravaganza!

We are running an “Escape the Room” quest.  What is that, you clicked.

And escape the room quest is where a group of players are placed into a room or setting, and must solve a series of puzzles to “escape”!  There are many different variations on the theme, some involve solving a ‘murder’, others battling a zombie.

Ours is set on a luxury starliner, the Exodus, that encounters a problem en-route to a lush resort planet.  The players must solve the puzzles to get on board an escape pod, and rocket away to safety!

Our ‘room’ is set inside the Artisan’s Asylum in Somerville, Massachusetts.  A2 is a large “Makerspace”, with lots of tools, equipment, and knowledgeable folks!  The A2 facility was used to create the entire Escape Velocity playscape, from construction to electronics!

Come visit, and test your wits!